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The days of counter-party risk in the digital asset space are over. Digital asset products, whose assets are hosted on centralized exchanges, subjecting their investors' assets to major default risk, will soon be a thing of the past. Today, we bring you the first decentralized, staked, fundamentals-based digital asset Layer-1 and Layer-2 index, available to qualified investors as a bankable AMC product.

Narwhal Crypto Index Plus (AMC)

Crypto Index Plus outperforms its peers because of its three primary innovations:

  1. Fundamentals based indices have long out-performed Market-Cap weighted Indices in the equities market. This is why we have leveraged modern machine learning algorithms, fed with vast arrays of on-chain data, to produce a performant pricing model, combined with optimization procedures from classical finance. Crypto Index Plus maximizes returns for investors while reducing risk.

  2. On-chain execution and settlement of rebalancing transactions takes advantage of the zero-counterparty-risk landscape of DeFi and digital asset space, that many products sacrifice, by hosting their assets on a custodial exchange. 

  3. Staking assets via proof-of-stake consensus, on the most well-vetted protocols in all of DeFi, compounds digital-asset returns for investors. Now you don't just "Hodl" your portfolio, but you grow it over time.

Crypto Index Plus takes the idea of an Index to the next level by leveraging all available resources granted by blockchain, to maximize profits for investors over time.

Product Presentation


Technical Specifications

Digital Liquid provides qualified investors access to the novel world of DeFi. Digital Liquid tracks a basket of diversified stablecoin investments, staked across platforms and blockchains, in order to provide qualified investors safe exposure to reliable yields. Digital Liquid implements best-in-class risk models and live contract monitoring to provide investors with the safest possible DeFi experience, where its currently missing: Directly in your bank. 

This product is under development, but subscription will soon be available. We invite any inquiries at this time via the link below. Otherwise, you can check back later for full details. 

Digital Liquid (AMC)

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