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We help our clients to:

Manage Risk

in digital Assets

and DeFi


Safely Enter the Digital Asset Ecosystem



In a nutshell

The recent developments in Decentralized Finance (or DeFi), are perhaps the most unprecedented advancements in the financial sector, this century. Seriously engaging with this technology however, requires nontrivial expertise, major technical overhead as well as a deep understanding of emerging blockchain regulation. We leverage our expertise in these areas to bring you, via our partnering financial service providers, simple and safe bankable products, allowing you to engage with DeFi, without the hassle of balancing your own yield portfolios, or writing your own smart contracts.


We build bankable products from DeFi protocols, serving as the nexus between professional investors and DeFi. Narwhal is building the next generation of institutional-grade financial tools, the correct way.


DeFi, or Decentralized Finance, is a set of protocols on blockchains that attempt to replicate and automate the functions of classical financial institutions and banks, thereby removing a massive intermediary from the process of storing, transacting with, and investing digital assets. By removing the cost of operation for these middlemen, users of DeFi protocols naturally achieve greater returns, corresponding with increased capital efficiency.


DeFi technology introduces novel risks to the financial system however, primarily in the form of software and network exploits. Navigating this world for new investors, or seasoned investors with little exposure to DeFi, is intimidating, difficult and often frustrating. That is why we built Narwhal: To give you safe access to the cutting-edge world of Decentralized Finance, directly in your bank.

DeFi is one of the most exciting developments in crypto and has the potential to revolutionize the financial system as we know it. – Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase


Our mission is simple: We aim to build the world’s best cryptoasset and DeFi exchange-traded products, to date. We do this by applying the robust mathematical machinery of classical finance and quantitative risk analysis, to protocols in Decentralized Finance. We aim to provide investors with access to DeFi in a way that not only mitigates risk and maximizes returns, but is convenient, simple, transparent, and easy to use.


Narwhal is building the critical infrastructure bridging the disparate worlds of traditional finance, and decentralized finance on the blockchain. Narwhal aims to build the world’s best institutional-grade structured products in the DeFi space.


By 2025, we hope to be Europe’s number one provider of institutional-grade and boutique cryptoasset and DeFi Products.

“DeFi is reclaiming the power from central authorities and returning it to the people.”
– Ameen Soleimani, CEO of SpankChain

Griffin White

Founder & Director

Griffin came to Switzerland in 2019 to work as a Data Scientist at a Genomics lab at ETH Zurich. He discovered his passion for DeFi while finishing his Master's degree in Statistics, and started Narwhal with the vision to connect industry-grade DeFi services to the world of traditional finance. 

In his free time he can be found inventing new methods in the Genomics Lap at ETH, or solving math problems with Brian. 


Prof. Dr. Brian Walter

Chief Quantitative Analyst

Brian received his PhD in Mathematics from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2001, where he worked on directed graph algebras, and logic more generally. Brian has taught mathematics at the university level for 20 years. We are lucky to count his expertise, good humor, and insight among our ranks. 

In his free time you can find Brian beating all comers on the pickleball court, or spending time with some of his many friends.


Andrej Simonov

Legal Counsel

Andrej received his Masters in Law with distinction from the University of Zurich in 2019. A cunning legal expert, with an eye for details, Andrej successfully designed the first legal and compliant Ethereum Mining pool based in Switzerland. 

In his spare time you can find Andrej playing blindfold chess with Griffin, or spending quality time with his wife. 


Dimitar Jauch

Asset Management

Classically trained in Banking and Finance, with further education in Investment Analysis, Dimitar's expertise is invaluable to connecting the DeFi world to the world of traditional finance. He has overseen multiple financial instruments, as well as asset managers, at various lifecycle stages. 

In his spare time you can find Dimi enjoying a glass of scotch whiskey, or relaxing with his family. 


Sascha Kouba

Founder & Marketing Director

A native Zurcher, Sascha has spent his life building and marketing successful companies everywhere from Switzerland to Tunisia. With backgrounds in Ethereum Mining, as well as entrepreneurship and marketing, Sascha's expertise is vital to Narwhal, in all areas of operations.

In his free time he can be found riding his motorcycle or pondering existence and other philosophical quandaries with Griffin.


Antonio Kirchhoff

Asset Management

Antonio, a Berlin native, was trained in Business Management and Finance (M.Sc.). With many years of experience working in Asset Management and Finance, Antonio brings with him a wealth of insight. As an unwavering optimist, his good nature keeps our ship afloat, even through the toughest storms.


In his free time you can find Antonio biking through the hills of Zurich, or running marathons through the Alps like a madman.  


Alexandre Touihri

Marketing and Legal

Alex is a talented legal expert with a perceptive eye for exceptions. Alex is the visionary behind ADM Gruppe, and has overseen the marketing and development of more than 30 companies in the Zurich area. Of these more than 30 companies, all are thriving to this day. 

In his spare time you can find Alex drafting new ideas, or debating with friends new and old about various topics. 


Silvan Zuber

Business Consultant

Silvan is the mind behind many successful companies, all over Switzerland, Norway, Tunisia, China, and more. Silvan got his start mining Bitcoin before the cycle in 2017, and never looked back. Silvan has been instrumental in allocating resources and expertise for Narwhal, and helping us connect with the international community more generally. 

In his spare time you can find Silvan playing cards, table football, or founding new companies in faraway places. 

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